Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our Proud Cub!

This is our "big guy's" first year as a cub scout
His car came in second HUNDREDTHS of a second
in our Pack's Pinewood Derby!
He is Soooooo proud of his accomplishment!

This is his entire den...
four boys : )
Also the Pack leaders and Den coordinator.
Great guys.
To be honest...he did all the cutting and sanding and painting
on his car all by himself. Good job Snorkie!
Dad set the axles...good job dad!

The pack leader had the whole thing hooked up to his laptop
so it produced instant, incontrovertible results : )
Lots of fun when you have a bear cub...
for the Weeblo II's...hanging out all morning watching that many boys
race their cars that many times...whew.

Little man is having lots of fun in scouting.
Day camp type events, over night at the Franlin Institute,
nature hikes, making bows and arrows...
such wonderful boyhood adventures!

He follows a long family line of Boys scouts including his big brother,
Grandpop, uncles and two cousins who both made Eagle : )
May he continue the tradition!
God Bless you little man!