Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pretty Kitty

We got a New Kitty Cat!
Her name is "Zalia"  (zah-lee-a)
that's the name she had at the animal shelter and it suits her
She is a Calico/tortois shell mix
she was @ 6 pounds when we brought her home but she is
seven pounds now and on "weight maintenance" food!
She LOVES to eat!
She also loves to snuggle, be petted and,
take swipes at Lumpy's face : (
He loves her anyway!

Zalia cuddled up with Lumpy as he is occupied and didn't notice

Lumpy and Scooter with Zalia

Scooter thinks she's leaning out of the photo ; )

There are lots more great photos...but the are on the girls'
cameras and i-pods...I'll get some up here soon!