Friday, January 21, 2011

This Year's Christmas Pajamas

Back in 1964, my very first Christmas,
my father got an 8mm movie camera,
So, basically, my entire childhood (at least major events)
has been captured in 30 second increments....
(that film was EXPENSIVE)
Anyway, I think this was the origin of the
"New PJs on Christmas Eve"
tradition in my family...
(sometimes it was a new bathrobe and slippers)
This allowed us to look cute in those films
that Dad made on Christmas morning...
no holes in our footies or torn jammie pants.
So, now, even if my kids have perfectly presentable PJs,
I generally make them something new.
I love to sew.
This is one fun way to keep
all the kids matching
at least for bedtime.....LOL.
My "eldest" has been trying
to sleep in her sweatshirts all year...
So....I decided to make this year's jammies
out of sweatshirt fleece...
I had a 50% coupon for a single cut of fabric...
I snuck out of the house on Friday evening...
and the only color they had enough of...
was WHITE.
THAT gave me the idea for sailor suits...
and the rest is now family history.
Little guy looks so cute
running around in his sailor outfit!
when he sways like a drunken sailor, he cracks me up!

Thanks Mom, for the tradition!
Thanks Dad, for the home movies!
Thanks Big Brother, for making me a video copy
of so many of those home movies...