Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well, we are still having computer problems...
Sadly, the "Old grey Dell,
she ain't what she used to be"...
I can't access the photos that are on the external drive.
I have to go searching for stuff to use.
OH, least I can read everyone else's blogs!
The old homestead has been pretty busy trying to get
as much done as I can before we start back to school.
I've been purging papers, re-organizing, sewing some
things for the girls and myself, doing a little home improvement,
and trying to get hair, teeth, doctors, etc. taken care of
(especially for me).
(oh, and getting halfway through
David Copperfield...I'm LOVING this book!)
Two weeks ago, I had a regular check-up appointment
at the dentist. Now, I know I need A LOT of work...
I've got teeth like chalk.
Quite a while ago, I broke a tooth...mostly it was the
old filling that broke off...needless to say,
I didn't deal with it in a timely manner.
So there I was looking at an appointment in
September to start the crown that I needed.
Well, I was making dinner last Wed,
and the dentist's office calls to ask if I can take
an appointment at 8:30am Thursday.
I jumped at it!
There I am lying back in the chair, all numbed up,
and we discover,
to my dismay...
that a root canal is necessary. :(
I had to wait till today to get the darn thing worked on.
I am glad to say that not only was the
endodontist one of the nicest people I've ever met,
but he finished the job in ONE VISIT!
I also got a chance to be an apologist for homeschoolers...
Now, I just have to wait for that Blasted September 8th
appointment to get back to working on the crown again.
Oh, and the August 18th appointment for FOUR fillings.
That's supposed to be our first day of school.
I think it will be starting after lunch time...
It'll be pretty difficult to instruct with a mouth full of
Novocain..."Bwath ith the capithal of Penthylvaniath?"
Oh, well.
Blessings to everyone...and don't forget to Comment! ;)