Thursday, October 16, 2008

Further Developements...

This Photo of Seeker Man, Scooter, Tilly & Snorkie
was taken on Thanksgiving Day 2006.
I love to see the way the little ones
have so much love and enthusiasm for
their big brother.
They have all been very excited about the
prospect of a new baby brother or sister.
that won't be as soon as we had hoped.
Our new baby was not meant to join us
here in this life,
we look forward to meeting her someday...
along with our other baby girl that we
lost to miscarriage about six years ago.
I am doing alright physically...
emotionally is a little tough.
But I look up at those smiling faces
in that photograph at the top of the post,
and just CAN'T feel sorry for myself.
God's Plan ALWAYS trumps My Plan,
and He has been SO Gracious to me that I can
only hand myself over to Him to do His Will.
The kids are doing OK, but we are all sad.
We look forward with the hope that
we will go on to have another baby
(or babies?)
if God wishes us do do so.
Pray for Us, Please.