Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Brother

Seeker-Man turned 25 yesterday!
We are so blessed to have him living with us again.
Scooter and Tilly remember having him at home,
but Snorkie never had his big brother
around all the time, until now.
The "little kids" are having a grand time
flying kites, playing "Goodminton",
Playing games, playing with Play-Doh,
and watching old movies
with "the big guy".
They love showing him all their Favorite
Classic Musicals and TV shows
(We've watched the ENTIRE first seasons
of both Little House on the Prairie and
MacGuyver over this Summer.)
I get a big helping hand, because I can
run out of the house
BY MYSELF on occasion!
Woo Hoo!
He will be starting back to school full time
this week and will be studying
Web Design...Think I could get him
to help me with this Blog???
Lovey and I celebrated our
thirteenth anniversary of the week we met
on the 9th of August...
We met BECAUSE "Seeker-Boy" was
a student at a Summer Art Camp
that I was teaching am & pm classes.
So, I met Seeker Man 13 years ago too!
I got to spend a good deal of time with
That sweet, talented, silly seeker-boy
way back then...What fun to get to
spend time with him again,
so many years later.
God Bless You Seeker-Man!