Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good News / Bad News

Well, I have been amazingly busy these last few weeks.
I didn't even get a Vintage Thingie post up last week...
The fact that I lost access to all my photos getting
a new computer had something to do with that...
Oh, Well.
Last Friday we got some GREAT News...
There will be a new member of our family
next spring...May, I think...
I have an OB appointment on the 17th.
My husband is Very Happy
My children are THRILLED.
Scooter informed me that she has been
praying 7 Hail Marys in Latin
Every Morning...for a new baby.
Snorkie wants a boy baby...
The girls want TWINS...
Considering the efficacy of children's prayers,
perhaps I should be prepared!
OK, now for the bad news...
I'm BEAT, drag-out tired by the afternoons.
NOT good news for the Blog.
It's a little like the way that your
"pet babies" suffer somewhat when the
"Real" babies come along.
Poor "Blog-Baby" will be a little
Well, I'm going to TRY to keep posting
at least once a week...hopefully more.
I have so many good tales to tell
Of meeting and marrying,
school and babies,
floods and homelessness...
Oh, My.
Blessings All!