Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'd like to be Whelmed, Please

I've always wondered why we never hear of people being
They are often Over-Whelmed...
and sometimes Under-Whelmed...
but never seem to be "Whelmed".

It seems to me that whelmingness would be the perfect state.
Not too much or too little...Make sense???

Lately our family has been somewhat
Over Whelmed.

Seeker Man has had some
going on...

We are thrilled and excited that he has
moved back home...

Of course, he never lived with us in this house...
but that's good because we have the
ROOM for him here...
Our old house was somewhat smaller.
The little munchkins are SO happy to have
their Big Brother with us,

I think Big Brother is having fun being Adored too!

He's getting all sorts of things figured out...
and seeking God seriously for the first time.

Can I hear an AMEN out there, People?!

There are still some tough times, decisions
and Spiritual Warfare to get through...

But I have Faith and Trust in the LORD.
and,Blessedly, we KNOW who WINS!

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle,

be our protection against

the wickedness and snares of the Devil.

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,

and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,

by the power of God,

cast into Hell, Satan and all the evil spirits

who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.


Thanks to anyone out there praying for us, we appreciate it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Ballerina Girl

She started DANCING before she was born.
She kicked and twirled and made her presence known.
We would watch her knees, feet and elbows
dance across my abdomen as I lay on the couch in the evenings.
She was born and became known as "Scooter",
almost immediately.

She Began LEAPING on my lap at ONE MONTH...
We had to buy a "jumper" for her by the time
she was six months old...My arms were tired!

She FINALLY agreed to Potty Train
just so she could start


At three and a half years old, she began lessons at
Kasia Cultural Arts Academy in Yardley, Pennsylvania.

She LOVED it from the start...
such a graceful little doll.

Here she is in costume as one of the
"Village Children"
for her first performance:

in May of 2003
This was the costume for the "Jazz" section of
the recital...They danced to "Buttercup"

Here's the costume for the May 2004 Performance of:
This was actually Mother's Day at the beautiful
graduated assisted living community where
Grammy and Pappy live.... As their gift,
Scooter and Tilly danced for Grammy
while Daddy played the piano.
This is a regular event...
(the girls think that auditorium is theirs)
The Next year she decided to try...

She did a patriotic duo with her teacher,
it was wonderful.

She was also the TITLE Character in:

I was SO impressed that she was able to make a
SOLO entrance, in front of the curtain...
Even though I watched her practice this for months,
I got so choked-up watching her.
She had such poise and knew her dances so well.
This was May 2005
She was only SIX years old.
She amazes me

The following year, 2006, she continued at Kasia...
"Miss Catherine" who ran the school was so kind,
Scooter loved her very much.
She got her start at Kasia Cultural Arts...
The Ballet that year was:

The Littlest Angel
My dancer did her part Beautifully

In 2006-2007
Scooter decided to try Gymnastics...
She loved it and they would have pushed her...
I wasn't into "competitive gymnastics".
This was our Mother's Day photo in 2007...
Notice the Ballet Pose...
You can take the child out of dance class,
but you can't make her stop performing!

I just noticed Tilly and Snorkie are doing a cute little pose, too!

She came back to Ballet for 2007-2008.
Kasia was now closed.
Miss Catherine passed away in August of '07.
We signed up with
The American Repertory Ballet's
Princeton Ballet School.

Awesome school...Live pianists in Every class...
very Classical...very formal.

She had a Three Hour Audition to try out for
the ARB's Holiday performances of:

The Nutcracker!
She was cast as one of the children at the party...
She was on stage for 20 minutes of the first act and had
four different dances to some acting!
She was in four performances.
I have no photos of her in costume...
This was a free photo of Scooter with the girl who played
"Marie" and the young Man who played the "Nutcracker"
in the First of two performances at the State Theatre
in New Brunswick, NJ on 22 December 2007.
(notice she looks tired...we had to be at the theatre by 9am)
She had another show to do that night, we got home LATE!

My Ballerina Doll finished the year with the school's recital...
a Two and a Half Hour, Three act production of:

Don Quixote
The children in her level at the Princeton school played
little Spanish Princes and Princesses.
She was in the third act...

Snorkie liked it but kept asking, "the END?"
Eventually the end came and the applause was strong.
She had a marvelous time.

This is My Scooter (right)
with her best "bud" and possible twin (SF)...
after the dress rehearsal.

Next year Scooter and Tilly are going to try:

Horse Back Riding!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ha Ha Ha!

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

Oh, yeah, sure...this is pretty fun & funny though.

Go ahead, try it...

I think I would rather have been Eleanor Dashwood!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Okay, I ADMIT IT...I'm LAZY...
at least when it comes to being a "Pool Club Member".
I HATE packing up
all the STUFF that you need-
especially when you have one still in diapers...
lugging it to the pool
sitting in the sweltering heat
paying for over-priced snacks...
even when we already have snacks with us...
Not to mention that my girls didn't like getting their faces wet...
and not all the other "pool patrons" are considerate enough
to watch out for extremely sensitive little girls
So in 2006, we bought THIS:
It is one of those "Simple Set" pools...
Not as simple as they make it seem, but it did a good job
of allowing us to get wet- almost every day of the summer
...and never had to leave home!
(Snorkie loves the ladder...but not so much the water)
We liked the pool and it wasn't too annoying when it came
time to put it away for the winter...
So last summer, we brought it up out of the basement...
Set it back up and started learning a little more about

Here are Scooter, Tilly and their cousin...

last year's family picnic at our house was great fun...

they only got out of the pool for the time it took them to

eat and go on the swings for a little while!

Well, as they started swimming better, we realized that the

way those pools are made cuts down on the "useable space".

We considered going right to a permanent above ground pool,

but they are much deeper and Tilly's not ready...

So THIS YEAR we got...


Snorkie LOVES his squirter...

He keeps hollering:FIREWORKS!!!

as he shoots water across the pool!

This pool is 15 feet wide with straight sides

It allows for a whole lot more swimming space,

but it is still only 42 inches deep-

so Tilly's head is out of the water

Snorkie still thinks it is too deep...he likes to stand

on the outside of the ladder and squirt water


We also decide to purchase the

Salt Water Chlorinator System, so all we add is salt

and occasionally Baking Soda if the Ph is off...

It is SO comfortable to swim in...

Oh, and the price of the new pool AND the Salt Water System

is still LESS than the price of a

Family Membership to the local pool club!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Camo-Boy Before

Camo-Boy After