Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Marvelous Mom circa 1951
Well, today is a BANNER DAY in my life...
You see, I got to do something today
that my Mother never got to do....
I celebrated my 44th Birthday!
My mother only made it to 43 years and 5 months.
She would have turned 75 this past April 1st.
Now, you would think that a family history of
heart disease would prompt this gal to be forever vigilant
about her weight, diet, exercise, etc.
(THAT would be my sister...the one with seven kids...who runs on the
treadmill while we are on the phone together......)
I haven't gotten it together in years.
This will have to change.
So, in the next little while, you'll have to check in on me to see
how I'm doing on:
(Drum roll please............................................)
This is an AWESOME program.
It is a Spiritual Growth-Weight Loss program.
It is Catholic in theology and follows the
Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola
(working on one fault at a time until it is resolved)
and Saint Therese the Little Flower.
(offering the little sacrifices we make everyday for others).
In the six months before I conceived Snorkie,
I lost almost 50 pounds following this plan.
In fact many people didn't know that I was expecting
until my ninth month....
Very few people asked any questions...
I think they thought I was just getting fat again
and didn't want to offend me!
Anyway, the program's strength is in the sacrifices we make
of only eating when we are HUNGRY...
and stopping when we are FULL....
Sounds easy, right.
Oh, and you can eat ANYTHING that you want...
Provided that it is not an amount larger than your Clenched Fist.
Anyway...I wasn't planning on getting into it this much,
but I've put it out here so you all
(...sound of crickets chirping...)
can keep me on the straight and narrow....
Oh, and I think the Good Lord wants me to start this SOON,
because He sent me some kind of
Intestinal bug for my Birthday!
yee hah.