Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Late Summer Craziness

Chewba as:  SUPER BABY

Late Summer is often a lovely time, but this week has been yucky.
60's overnight and overcast or rainy days make lousy weather
for getting in a few more pool adventures.
I still have to make my own swim Skort...
Chewba loves the water and wants me to take
him in whenever I can...

I desperately need to order books...
actually, now would be good : )

Chewba is almost exactly 9 months old RIGHT NOW
(it's 9:55am and he was born 10:12 am)
He needs me soon...
He has been eating everything he is given lately...
doesn't like baby food, just the real stuff.
Oh, and nursing...though those teeth are becoming
rather....painful : (
(for me)

We started back to school last week.
I like to do 2 or 3 weeks of half days before the
Our Co-Op starts to meet next Thursday!
Looking forward to regular time with all of our friends.
We have TONS of new families joining us this year.

We will be heading South in Sept. for our first trip to Florida
since Scooter was a baby...yikes, 11 years!

Trying to get Chewba to spend some time in his own bed at night...
not easy...
it would be easier to just leave him in my bed...
It is nice to be able to cuddle with the Hubby
once in a while, though...
Without a baby between us!

Another playdate today...three this week...eek!
Trying to catch up for an August that slipped by me...

Pax Christi!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Morningstar Camp & the Benedictine Abbey & Modest Swimwear!

This post is a mess
and I don't have the energy to figure out how to fix it...
it IS similar to a 7 quick takes, but I don't have
the umph to link up there, either...

The last few weeks have been pretty interesting...
Scooter planned all year to go
to Morningstar Camp in New Hampshire
with her best friend...The camp is run by
the Sisters Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary...
in FULL Habit. 
They are amazing.
She developed a cough in the week before camp started...
it wasn't too bad...
until I dropped her off on Sunday : (
Thankfully we were staying at
a Benedictine Abbey in Still River, Mass-
just two hour south of camp...
Tuesday night I had to drive up and pick her up.
She loved the camp and wants to go back next year.

Not sure Mom has the energy for a repeat...

"Chewba Grabowski" in the Kelty backpack ....
He loves ridin' high!

Tilly and Snorkie at the Lake in Harvard, Massachusetts.
Lovey weather ALL week...only needed the AC two days.
Spent Tuesday afternoon at the lake.

I made it to evening prayer several times
and morning Mass Mon, Wed, and Fri...
Chewba is a high energy guy...
it is like wrestling a baby crocodile during Mass-
trying to keep him quiet!
Compline was easier because he would nurse
and the Monks chanted the prayers so I didn't need
to worry about following along...
The Monks were SO gracious...
I'll be going back again, I'm sure.

Louisa May Alcott's house in Concord, Mass.
The fee was WAY too high to tour the inside
with four small children and two adults,
it would have cost $35.00....eeek.
It sure was pretty on the outside : )

Minute Man Statue at the Old North Bridge...
The "shot heard 'round the world"
was fired here...
Good thing we are all studying American History this year...
we actually got a field trip done in July!

I could not have gone a week away from my husband
without my friend "J".
Chewba just loves her and she made it possible
for me to actually EAT a meal once in a while.
This is Chewby visiting with a gal named "L" who lives
at the Abbey.  They had SOOOOOO much fun
making faces at each other!
I have to send a copy of this photo to her!
As soon as we got home Chewba started crawling "for real"
He had been scootching around and cruising a little,
but now he is officially ON THE GO!

And away he goes...

Both Scooter and Tilly needed new swim dresses...
I got these put together the week before we left.

They are comfy, cute and easy to swim in...
the dresses each have a full swimsuit sewn inside
so that they wont fly up over their heads in the water.
The leggings stay down because they are cut very slim.
If I wasn't nursing, I'd make one like this for myself!
Actually, I AM going to make a swim skort for myself
out of the blue floral fabric : )

The first night that we arrived at the Abbey
we made it to evening prayer before dinner
in the guest dining room.
It had been threatening rain for hours...
as the kids and I headed back to our rooms,
this sight greeted  us...
It was so big, I couldn't get the whole rainbow in one photo!

Blessings, all!