Sunday, November 7, 2010

Voyage of Discovery

Lovey and I were married on
October 12, 1996
Columbus Day

We chose the date for several reasons...

not the least of which is
low humidity in New Jersey in Oct.

and as I have always said...
Marriage IS a Voyage of Discovery!

We were married in the morning
with an early afternon reception.

We had a 4 day Honeymoon in Ocean City Maryland
Amazingly, the church we attended that weekend was having
their annual 40 Hours Devotion.
We went.
My husband was not yet Catholic : )

Every year Lovey brings me one red rose
for each year that we have been Married...
This year, there were 14!

Beautiful, aren't they?
All flowers are offered to the Blessed Mother
in this house...

Some things that I have learned on this Voyage...

I am capable of loving my husband even more today
the day that I married him!

We can look forward to the next 14 years with
fascination and excitement!

I am amazed at the faith life and desire for sanctity
that my husband has.

He is one of the most loving people I know...
and I don't tell him that often enough.

He is an AWSOME DAD!

I wish we were young enough...
to have a dozen children together!

I know I will think of 20 more things after I post this,
but, I had better go...
Lovey will be home from his Holy Hour with Snorkie soon
and Chewba is calling...