Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good News, but Keep Praying!

Baby Patrick is improving by leaps and bounds...
His mom attributes his condition to all your prayers!
Mom's doc discharged her on Thursday, knowing
how much she needed to be with her baby.
He was out of the incubator, but still on oxygen,
plus many more issues...
Yesterday when his mom & dad went to see him
he was NO LONGER on oxygen,
and they had removed
the drainage line from his lungs!!!
Mom held him for THREE HOURS!!!
(She gave him up to Daddy for a little while.)
He cooed and cuddled and just wrapped those
two big adults around his tiny fingers!
They even got to change diapers!!!
It is so cute, how much the little things mean,
when you are in such a challenging situation.
Patrick Joseph is still on IV feeding...
We are praying that all the doctors agree to let him
have some of Mommy's milk...
she has plenty of bottles full, but would be
if she had the chance to nurse him today!
The biggest question going forward is the question
of whether he has something called
Hirschsprung Disease...
It is a condition where the nerves that line the
large intestine are not functional, or missing...
This results in constipation, because the nerves are
what "move things along" down there.
It can involve a small or large length of bowel.
They took a biopsy and are awaiting results...
If it turns out to be Hirschsprung Disease,
they will probably have to do surgery...
In the meanwhile, the little guy decided to go
and start pooping all on his own!
We are praying for the least invasive
and disruptive situation.
Thank you for praying for this family
and for Patrick Joseph especially.
Please pray, as well for all the other babies in this hospital and many others...
It is heartbreaking to see such little babies
having such difficulties.
Keep up the good work!
Pray, Pray, Pray!