Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome to My Life of Humility

There is an old story that I'd like to share:
Amish women have been making hand-stitched quilts for centuries.
They get a great deal of practice and can make beautiful and PERFECT stitches.
However, each quilt includes at least one mistake.
Each woman includes this mistake as a Mark of Humility,
since Only GOD can create something that is Perfect.

My sister and I have often joked about our "marks of Humilty"
in any craft work, cooking, baking etc. that we do.
I realized recently that having a wonderful husband, children,
pets, and great friends...MY WHOLE LIFE should be a Mark of Humility.
I Am Humbled by the Blessings of my life...And I'm Ready to Blog about it!
(I think)