Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Year of Fun and Frustration

This Photo has nothing to do with this post,
except that I love it...and especially those in it!
(Scooter the shepherd, Tilly & Snorkie the sheep!)
Today is my ONE YEAR
This has been a really interesting year.
I started out reading other blogs,
then commenting, then felt compelled to start my own.
I had great plans...SO many ideas,
posts being composed in my head most hours of the day.
It got crazy.
I had a post idea that I still haven't written,
that took over my waking and sleeping time...
It was about Humility...
I still can't write it...Someday, maybe.
Our family has run the gammut
from serious illness and injury...
Happiness of conceiving, sadness of miscarrying...
Finally losing MOST of the weight that I need to...
the fun of Scooter becoming a really good reader & Tilly
Reading Dr Seuss to Snorkie on a regular basis.
I have gotten some organizing done around here...
but not nearly enough...
I've spent HOURS reading other blogs
that I don't even have on my blog roll because
I have NO TIME to update the silly thing!
I wanted to say deep and interesting things...
about my life, my history, my Faith...
and some funny ones, too...
Mostly I seem to post about the kids...
but that is good for the In-Laws out of state!
So all in all-
it has been fun.
I can't promise more posts,
or more interesting thoughts,
or even humor that doesn't come from Snorkie...
But I do promise to keep trying.
and I promise to get one of those "follow" buttons
on my blog one of these days!