Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Love Making Cakes

I just realized that I never posted any photos
of this year's Birthday Cakes!
Tilly's Birthday is November 30th...
Since Lumpy was due on the 26th,
we decided to do her party at the Beginning of the Month.
Her American Girl Doll (Mia) is an ice skater...
So we did a skating party.
That way I didn't need to do much.
This was my first attempt at "sugar glass"
I over cooked it so it was yellow,
but I thought it was cute and it tasted like caramel.
The lower "boards" were white "chocolate" candy.
The ice was Fondant and the decorations were
drawn on with food dye markers!
The cake was brownies.
One of her "Pollys" stood in for her and "Mia" .
All of her guests brought their dolls, too.
Snorkie is Star Wars obsessed.
I bought the pan that you use to make a perfectly round ball
this is the Death Star with Luke and Vader circling...
they are made from candy melts.
The cake is covered with fondant and the decor
was done with the food dye markers.
We put it on the bottom of a cake server turned upside-down.
This was yummy
and my first attempt at home made Fondant!
Very easy and much better than the commercial stuff.

Scooter is still trying to talk us into getting a dog.

She loves Schnoodles...

This is the one she got.

I used the "Teddy Bear" cake pan and

altered it as needed.

Eyes, ears, nose, paws, etc. were fondant

painted with black food coloring.

I used a combination of chocolate and vanilla icing.

This is our most recent cake

It was for my best friend's little boy.

The kids got to help by making most of the animals

Snorkie did aligator heads, snakes and birds.

Scooter made the elephant and giraffe.

Tilly made the whole lion family (we didn't eat them)

We used green candy melts for grass and tree leaves

and sugar cones for the tree trunks. Lots of fun.

I'm loving the fondant!

Blessings All!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blessed Easter

(our Traditional after Mass family photo)

Lent is Over

Easter is HERE!

All 50 days of Easter!

How Wonderful is that?

We didn't even put out Easter decorations -

until Easter Sunday this year!

I like to leave them out...

We had a lovely gathering with my Mom & Dad

DH's Mom,

my Brother, Sister-in-Law, and niece...

lovely weather

Joyous Occasion!

He Is Risen!