Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lost in "Summer-Land"

Assateague Island National Seashore near Ocean City, Md
July 2009...A very nice beach day

So sorry that I have been MIA this summer.
It seems everytime I have a little time...
I use it to read OTHER PEOPLES Blogs...
or do something else.
I have been reading, indulging in Crossword puzzles,
learning about Sudoku puzzles,
watching old movies with the munchkins...
getting SOME house cleaning and organizing done...
We have been having TONS of playdates
with friends and we have spent more time
at the beach this year than I have since
I was a teenager...
It is SO much more DIFFICULT with kids!!!
All that STUFF to lug...ugh.

Blessedly, Lovey is a great beach Dad...
In OC he let me sit under the umbrella and read!
Just LOVE that Man!

Ocean City Maryland...
Thanks to Lovey's Aunt for loaning us her house!
...I swam more that day than I have in Years...
took it really easy the next day : )

Independence Day in our own back yard...
Our home backs up to a school field, so we get our
very own fireworks display!
Lovey's Dad and Step Mom were visiting from Florida...
and a good time was had by all!
Scooter catches a BIG fish!
Tilly helps her to show off...that thing weighed a lot!

Snorkie still prefers to "cruise" the pool.
And now, it is time to finish planning the upcoming school year.
We have our curriculum in house,
I'm reading and organizing materials,
having a Moms Meeting for our Co-op tomorrow night...
(Ya think I should be writing up the agenda?)
In short, we are getting ready to start our school work.
I hope you all are enjoying the wonders of the end of summer :)