Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Belated Birthday Post

This is to my Aunt Dorothy ...

more commonly known as "Aunt Dot".

She passed away several years ago

and I miss her very much,

as do my children.

Aunt Dot's Birthday was July 2nd and I was

thinking about her all day yesterday.

She was such a lady...a Perfect Lady, always.

In the eighties, a book was published called:

Real Women Don't Pump was funny,

but really, she fit every description of

a "real woman" in that book.

Aunt Dot didn't really like having her picture taken.

Of the few that I have, this is one of my favorites.

It is also one of the last.

Aunt Dot taught me many things: to use a table cloth and cloth napkins just to

make an ordinary lunch special, to send a silly card just for the fun of it,

to write Thank You notes (I mess up on this one all the time).

Aunt Dot always called me Elizabeth, even when my own

Mother called me Liz...

in case you didn't notice, I "go by" Elizabeth !

Aunt Dot and her wonderful husband Uncle Bob were

married for more than 50 years when he passed away leaving

her dreadfully sad. They were loving, constant, affectionate,

playful, kind, and a fabulous example to me of married life and love.

Thank You so much Aunt Dot for being such an Amazing Aunt and Friend.