Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Pi Day Celebration

Ever since my kids watched
Night at the Museum:
Battle of the Smithsonian,
they have all ('cept the baby)
been able to quote "Pi"
to eight decimal places....

We love that scene with the Bobble Head Einsteins...

we HAD to celebrate
PI Day
March 13th
(get it...3.14)
some go so far as to
celebrate at exactly 1:59 pm...

For dinner, we had
homemade Turkey Pot "Pi"
and simple baked apples
in Spelt flour "Pi" crust...
(dad gave up sugar for lent)...
This was so much fun,
especially because Scooter 
just finished studying the
Area and Perimeter of a circle!

Tilly and Snorkie have been doing fractions this week...
"pieces of the pie" and Scooter started Pie Charts!

Perfect Timing!

 (found this image and thought that I will
HAVE to do this next year...
it is an Actual apple Pie
baked to look like a math book,
with Pi cut into the top crust!)