Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Little Man...umm, Caterpillar?

So here is Snorkie McTavish, my sweet little man, holding a
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach!
They called her "Maddy".
Snorkie was very excited to touch and hold her
until she actually touched his hand...
Then he was sure he didn't want to hold her ANYMORE!
He was so cute.

We took about 25 students to an Insectarium that is 20 minutes
from our Homeschool Co-op meeting place.
Yay Science Class!
Snorkie had a great time,
(he was the only little one there-the rest were 1st to 4th graders.)
He was a very brave adventurer!

Snorkie turned three on February 7th.
He is very sweet and very silly.
I Love him to pieces!
Surely, there are MANY more adventures to come!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Help! Pass it on...

Okay, I need some help,
We have a very sweet little gray kitten.
It was given to us several months back and my
children adore her. They named her
Graycie Ashlynne and dote on her.
Now for the problem...
As she has grown towards full size (now about 5 1/2 months),
it has become apparent that She is a HE!
Any advice on turning"graycie" into a boy's name...
I've tried "Gray", but the girls don't like it.
They like "Smokey", but we all keep forgetting.
Help! If you can pass this on, I would appreciate it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

About My Girls

I have two beautiful daughters.
For some reason, all of my children have
aquired "Gaelic" nick names almost from birth.
The elder (9 years old) is called Scooter MacDougall.
She loves ballet, gymnastics, skating & scootering, playing piano (including Composing) Dressing-up, reading, drawing, painting, playing with her dolls and bossing the others around. She is nine going on twenty-five.
My younger daughter (7 years old) is called
Tilly McGillicudhy (sometimes Silly Tilly McGillicudhy). She is Wonderfully sensitive and sweet. She ADORES kitty cats and loved our (now deceased) cat SO much, that she said "Lillie" two months before she said "mommy". She also loves her dolls, and plans constantly for her "next baby doll".
She is saving up for one that "pees" when you feed her...
Tilly is also a wonderful artist. She draws and paints and is full of sweet cuddly-ness. She is also a fan of the color pink.
I LOVE being a Girlie Mom. We enjoy sewing and dress-up, baking and decorating. But, they also love to swing and run and jump and dig in the dirt.
Tilly loves bugs and worms and is always "rescuing" some poor doomed critter... What Joy!
When we redecorated their bedroom last summer, we chose Cecily Mary Barker's Flower Fairies as a Theme. They have Fairies all over the room! The Apple Blossom Fairies (left) grace the center of their headboard. Such lovely images.
Did you know that the artist was self-taught? Homeschooled, too!
If only I could draw so beautifully...maybe if I had more time to practice...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome to My Life of Humility

There is an old story that I'd like to share:
Amish women have been making hand-stitched quilts for centuries.
They get a great deal of practice and can make beautiful and PERFECT stitches.
However, each quilt includes at least one mistake.
Each woman includes this mistake as a Mark of Humility,
since Only GOD can create something that is Perfect.

My sister and I have often joked about our "marks of Humilty"
in any craft work, cooking, baking etc. that we do.
I realized recently that having a wonderful husband, children,
pets, and great friends...MY WHOLE LIFE should be a Mark of Humility.
I Am Humbled by the Blessings of my life...And I'm Ready to Blog about it!
(I think)