Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Florida Vacation Photos!

It has been so long since
I have written anything meaningful...
and I still don't have time...
I thought I had better
put some of these vacation photos
 on the blog...
Before Christmas arrives!
(we left home on Sept 15th and arrived home on Sept 27th)

These are totally mixed up
and I'm not taking the time to try
to arrange them chronologically... : p
(This is one thing that drives me crazy about blogger)

This is one of the "Jesus" players at the Holy Land Experience...
Notice Snorkie is very happy!


Also at the Holy Land...
Of course, my kids were playing "Narnia"
with "Aslan"

Here we are at the Magic Kingdom...
Notice Snorkie is NOT thrilled to meet Mickey & Minnie!

Here is Lumpy with his sweet Uncle ...
He liked the crutches.
Uncle Silly-Man is my "Biggest" brother who lives in Florida...
He and His wife came to the Townhouse we were renting
for dinner...

And Birthday Cake!
His Birthday was the month before...

We stopped in St. Augustine
on the way to Kissimmee from Jacksonville Beach...
We did the Trolley Tour and stopped at the little shrine to
Our Lady of La Leche...I thought it was appropriate
since Lumpy nursed any time he had a chance!
(the ENTIRE vacation)

This is the little church we attended
in Orlando on Sunday morning.
Sacred Heart Parish...
Traditional Latin Lovely

This is the site in St.Augustine where the
first Mass was celebrated in the "New World" !
(it was the first thing that they did)

With Lovey's Aunt & Uncle in Jacksonville Beach...
On their Balcony right on the ocean.
Snorkie got a stuffed snake at the gift shop
at th Jacksonville zoo...
Tilly got an Ostrich...adorable!

The Jacksonville Zoo!
I LOVE those critters!
Mine & the others...

The kids sitting on Minnie Mouse's couch...

PapPap's 80th Birthday celebration at Red Lobster...
(Lovey's Dad and Step Mom live in Bradenton and
came to stay with us for three days while we were down there)
...turns out the waitress was from Doylestown, Pa...
about 20 minutes from my house...Small World.

Snorkie is totally into Red Lobster now...
He doesn't realize that you can get
Mozzarella Sticks just about anywhere...LOL.

Sea World...the Manta roller coaster...
my first roller coaster ride in 13 years...WOW that was fun!
(Scooter and I rode it together...twice)
We had some drizzle and rain this day but not enough
to dampen our spirits!

Scooter rode the Journey to Atlantis ride TWICE...
once all by herself...
it was the last run of the day and our last ride of the Vacation.

After Sea World, we went to Downtown Disney for dinner.
This was a Dinosaur themed restaurant with a
meteor shower every 20 minutes and moving
lifesized dinos!  WOW!
(Ha! Hadn't noticed that Scooter looks so thrilled...LOL
Tilly is happy with her tall bone shaped slurpee).

Back at the Jacsonville Manta Rays to pet!

Stopped in Washington, DC on the way home...
This is Amelia Earhart's airplane...
at the Air & Space Museum!

This is a cool experimental room in the
Museum of American History.
It just re-opened...they did a great job renovating.
If you are close is well worth the visit
if only to see the original
"Star Spangled Banner".

The Family Photo on the Mall
(with the Capitol in the background)
This was our only really rainy day of the
whole 12 day adventure!
We got home around 9 that night...whew!

Now my yearly Marathon starts...
Halloween / Holy-Ween costumes...
November Birthdays Tilly (10) and Lumpy (1)!
(yikes, that was fast)
Thankgiving trip to my sisters in Illinois
(we celebrate 5 birthdays ((three of hers, two of mine)),
Thanksgiving and Christmas)
Christmas at home
Followed by February birthdays...
Snorkie (6) and Scooter (12).

I get to breathe again around Ash Wednesday.
I LOVE Lent : )