Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Call them "Kit" and "Mia"

Here they are!

My darling girls and the
American Girl Dolls that Santa brought.
Scooter now goes by "Kit"
and Tilly will answer to "Mia"!

Mommy was busy in December
making sure that "the Girls"
all had enough matching outfits!
Here they are in the outfits that match the ones that
the dolls came wearing...They were part of the package
each girl got from Daddy and Mommy on Christmas.

Actually, Scooter has been wearing the hat...
since July!
Snorkie is bummed that they don't make
American Boy Dolls...
He wants a "Sterling" doll...That is the little boy in the
Kit Kitteridge movie ...(which Scooter also got from Santa).
I have to say, I think he is right.
These are photos taken yesterday,
of the girls and their dolls in their Skating Outfits....
Mia was last year's Doll of the Year.
She is and Figure Skater, and also plays Hockey.
Tilly is wearing her matching hockey jersey that
we fashioned using an adult small sweat shirt
and fabric markers... Tilly did some of the coloring herself.
We went down to Yardley, Borough,
where we used to live, to skate on the "Lake".
Last week, I broke down and bought skates for all of us...
except Snorkie's...I got those from "Freecycle"!
The girl's skates are made by RollerBlade...
They adjust to three sizes!m WooHoo!
Mine were on sale, and I don't think my feet will
be getting too much bigger...
It feels good to get out there, but I must say,
Skating Rink ice is a whole lot easier to navigate!
In all honesty, I fell backwards yesterday...
and I'm still nursing a "goose egg" on my head...
The worst part is, I wasn't even Moving at the time!
The girls throw themselves around with abandon...
I'm glad they are much more daring than I was
when I was that age...
'course, I got more daring as I got older,
and that isn't so bad either!


  1. Good job on the matching clothes! My mom did that for my sister and I when we were girls with our Holly Hobby and Heather Dolls.

  2. That is great that you did the matching clothes. I always wanted that when I was little.
    I miss ice skating. I asked my kids if they wanted to go this year and they said "no." :(

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  4. Sorry, I had to delete one of my comments. I think my computer hiccupped and posted the same comment twice.

  5. You are right that they should make American Boy dolls. When my son was small I got him a Cabbage Patch doll knock-off. "Tommy" went everywhere with him. Even to his preschool graduation where everyone had to dress up as whatever they wanted to be when they grew up. My son held Tommy and said, "When I grow up, I want to be a Daddy." The whole place went awwwwwwwwwwww.

  6. How sweet to make those matching clothes for them! Those American Girl dolls are so fun. My daughters loved theirs too.

  7. So sweet! I totally agree with the girls. There should be American Boy dolls, too!

  8. Ouch! What we do to play with our children.... :)

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