Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthdays, Scooter and Snorkie!

Snorkie turned FOUR on February 7th
and Scooter turned TEN on February 16th
We generally have a joint "family" party for them...
I still do two cakes, though!
This year's cakes are some of my very favorites.
Someday I'll do a strictly CAKE blog post....
this is where I get to be creative!

I offered Snorkie a Pirate's treasure chest...
this is what HE decided on...
He was adamant that there be beach and ocean.
That treasure chest was molded
from about three pound of chocolate!
The sand is made from crushed Graham crackers...
Even his cake choice was different...
He picked orange cake and strawberry cake-
I LOVED the orange cake...

(We are trying to finish it off before Lent begins next week)

Scooter continues her life as "Kit Kitteridge"...
This cake was a is two layers of BROWNIE
stacked up and iced...with fondant and chocolate for the cover.

This one set me back a little...who can resist brownies?
Oh and the binoculars are not solid chocolate...
but they took about 1.5 pounds to mold!

One of Snorkies Favorite gifts!
He put his "ord on the ouch"...we figure there
will be a few "ouches" with this one...
but as you can see...the gifts from his God Parents
made quite an impression on him!
He felt kind-of lousy by the end of the party...
this is what he chose to curl up and "nuggle" with!

Scooter's Kit Kitteridge
Mystery Party...

She had all her "best" friends over
for crafts, mystery solving, and food.
We are still in the mode
of finding all sorts of "vintage-y" things...
Aren't those plates and cups cute???
Kit Kitteridge...girl reporter!
This is "Kit" pretending to type a story...
on her CAKE!

OKAY...this is now my very favorite "art cake"
Yes, I reused the "pencil" (fondant)
and "binoculars" (chocolate) from the other party...
Why reinvent if you don't need to?
The surface under the Typewriter is just a cake board
iced to look like Kit's desk top.
(I think my favorite part is the fruit roll-up typewriter ribbon)

I think my children enjoy trying to stump me
when they choose their birthday themes!


  1. Absolutely unbelievable. I am speechless. How long did it take to make all these cakes?

  2. WOW!!! These cakes are absolutely amazing! Thankfully my kids are happy with any old cake (they obviously know better than to ask for something themed!) I hope they wer fun to make - they look too perfect to even eat!!! :-)

  3. I also meant to add . . . happy birthday to both kids!!!! :-)

  4. My kids like ice cream cakes. @ boxes of ice cream, cut in half, put in a cake pan with crushed oreos between the layers and frosted with whipped cream. I use Breyer's ice cream, as some of my kids react badly to artificial colors. It's much cheaper that a carvel or baskin robbins cake and the kids get to pick the ice cream they like and the sprinkles/frosting to decorate the top.

  5. Those cakes were FABULOUS!!

    That treasure chest (and the sand!) and the typewriter were incredible! You da MOM!

    You'd probably really enjoy that block called Cake Wrecks. They show professional cakes gone awry...and then on Sundays she usually highlights really phenomenal cakes. It's usually pretty humorous. Another one is Bakerella.

  6. oopsie...that would be blog, not block.

  7. Holy Betty Crocker!

    If you lived near me I would keep you in business!

    Great job, great talent.

  8. AWESOME cakes! You are so talented!

  9. I like Snorkie - I reckon he's a kid after my own heart! Did you make it before Lent?

    Nice to see stuff recycled and good to see they didn't stump you!

    They both look great kids to me.

  10. i bounced her by chance, and have to tell you you should open a cake making business!!! those cakes, especially the typewriter, are seriously Genius. wow! i'm the mom of three and would love to be able to do that :)

  11. Wow! Thos cakes are amzing! and I love the picture of Snorkie sleeping with the sword and car :)

  12. Wow.
    My jaw is dropped.
    I think I'm being artsy when I make a flower on a cake.
    These are some of the most original cakes I have ever seeen.
    (And you can tell the main ingredient is LOVE!!!) I know that's corny but it's true.

  13. Wow! Those cakes are very impressive!

  14. Those are some pretty cool cakes!

  15. AMAZING! WOW! you are definitely one talented lady. YOu've heard of the show Ace of Cakes? Well you could do your own show and give them a run for their money.

    Happy Birthday to both kiddos. I'm sure they had a wonderful time -- mostly because they have such a great mom who makes sure of it!


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