Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Greetings

It was well past the twelfth Day of Christmas
before Elizabeth had time to add a new post
to the poor neglected "Blog Baby"...

We took this photo just after we walked in from
Christmas Mass.
What a lovely day.
Santa brought the girls the American Girl dolls
that they wanted SOOOOOOO much,
and Snorkie got a Remote Controlled WALL-e.
We played some and had
hot fresh cinnamon buns before Mass.
Then we opened presents from Mom & Dad,
and each other after we got home...
I really enjoyed letting JESUS take First Place
on Christmas Morning!
We visited Lovey's Mom and Step-Dad,
Sister, Brother-in- Law, and nephews
in the late afternoon....
after we made our own Pizzas and calzones!
I hope to be able to carve out
some "blog time" in the near future...
God Bless you all & Happy New Year!


  1. Nice photo of your family! Sounds like you all had a faboulous celebration!

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. A belated Merry Christmas to you! I prefer going to Christmas morning Mass also; but we're stuck going to the super-crowded one at 6 on Christmas Eve because that's when the Youth Choir and Ensemble perform. It is very hard with little ones!

  3. What a nice picture!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog again :)

  4. Yeah for American Girl dolls! So wonderfully worth the investment.

    Happy belated Christmas and New Year!

  5. typewriter cake? i'd like to see that. my kids, too, find typewriters incredibly quaint. remeber tippex? and carbon paper? feels like another lifestime x

  6. Beautiful family, Elizabeth!


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