Wednesday, April 23, 2008

About My Girls

I have two beautiful daughters.
For some reason, all of my children have
aquired "Gaelic" nick names almost from birth.
The elder (9 years old) is called Scooter MacDougall.
She loves ballet, gymnastics, skating & scootering, playing piano (including Composing) Dressing-up, reading, drawing, painting, playing with her dolls and bossing the others around. She is nine going on twenty-five.
My younger daughter (7 years old) is called
Tilly McGillicudhy (sometimes Silly Tilly McGillicudhy). She is Wonderfully sensitive and sweet. She ADORES kitty cats and loved our (now deceased) cat SO much, that she said "Lillie" two months before she said "mommy". She also loves her dolls, and plans constantly for her "next baby doll".
She is saving up for one that "pees" when you feed her...
Tilly is also a wonderful artist. She draws and paints and is full of sweet cuddly-ness. She is also a fan of the color pink.
I LOVE being a Girlie Mom. We enjoy sewing and dress-up, baking and decorating. But, they also love to swing and run and jump and dig in the dirt.
Tilly loves bugs and worms and is always "rescuing" some poor doomed critter... What Joy!
When we redecorated their bedroom last summer, we chose Cecily Mary Barker's Flower Fairies as a Theme. They have Fairies all over the room! The Apple Blossom Fairies (left) grace the center of their headboard. Such lovely images.
Did you know that the artist was self-taught? Homeschooled, too!
If only I could draw so beautifully...maybe if I had more time to practice...


  1. So your post says two daughters and your sidebar says four children. SO.... is my math off a bit? Or do you have two boys as well? Enquiring minds and all that....

  2. Hey Jules,
    I wanted to just cover the girls today...the boys are so different.
    Okay since you ruined my suspense...
    One Step-son much older...24 years (doesn't live at home anymore, but did till he was 19 or so), our two girls 9 & 7, and one little boy 3 years. Lots of stories to tell,
    including the one about our recent trip to the Insectarium!

  3. Jules stole my thunder. I was going to ask about your 'missing' two children, figured that they were both boys as well. :)

    I like the drawing/painting - it's very nice.

    My kids tend to be very Disney - centric (go figure!) but I could see at least one of them enjoying these.

  4. I noticed the fairies right away. They are lovely. And I love your daughters' nicknames. Very fun! I look forward to hearing about the boys.

  5. WELCOME TO THE BLOGOSPHERE! On the production side, I mean! Lovely blog design; yay for C.M. Barker.

  6. No time to practice any artistry outside the blogverse! ;o)


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