Thursday, April 24, 2008

Help! Pass it on...

Okay, I need some help,
We have a very sweet little gray kitten.
It was given to us several months back and my
children adore her. They named her
Graycie Ashlynne and dote on her.
Now for the problem...
As she has grown towards full size (now about 5 1/2 months),
it has become apparent that She is a HE!
Any advice on turning"graycie" into a boy's name...
I've tried "Gray", but the girls don't like it.
They like "Smokey", but we all keep forgetting.
Help! If you can pass this on, I would appreciate it.


  1. Grayson?

    Back to my He-man days - Grayskull?

    I will keep thinking.


  2. That is pretty funny. It is a cat. I am wondering if you can just keep going with the original name...unless you think that will put him into cat therapy which is probably pretty expensive and time consuming driving him back and forth to appointments and then charging his cat insurance. Just call him Bob.

  3. Do you think that the cat will actually listen? I know that all the cats I have ever owned/had as pets tend to ignore me... until 1 or 2 in the morning, when they just 'NEED' something.

    I'd share that name with you, but I'm trying to curb that kind of language. :)

    Angie got here first with Grayskull, which is what first came to my mind. Rather scary, when you think about it, on many different levels.

    Smokey is good. We had a Smokey - a beautiful gray Maine Coon cat.

    Maybe Gresh, or Grash, you know, mix the names together. Just my two cents.

    Good luck.

  4. Angie,
    I like Grayson. I also suggested Grayz. The girls are going with Smokey...but we all keep forgetting!

    That was my fear. I Do Not Need another neurotic cat! I've done a lot of back and forth to vets with my old cat...

    Believe it or not, this kitten actually comes when you call him...unless there is a lot of commotion in the house, then he just finds a nice quiet place to hide. He is the calmest cat I've ever known.

  5. How about G.C. ? Lots of boys go by their initials and it sounds similar to Graycie.

  6. I've heard of this happening before! You've got lots of great ideas from the commenters. Keep it the same, change it slightly - the kids will love it regardless. ;0

  7. I'm on the keep the name as it is team. I have a girl bird named Mikey because that's what she came with at 11 months old. It does confuse the vet a little but they said it's definitely not the weirdest name they ever saw on a critter!

  8. A cat name... I see you like Redwall, maybe a name from there? (There were a few with 'grey' in their names, but those were rats so...) Dandin? He wasn't a calm, er, mouse :{, though.

  9. My brother had a cat named Spike. We thought she was a boy too. But then we found out Spike was a boy when he got pregnant. Spike had kittens. Spike remained Spike even though he was now mama.

    I agree with keeping the name the same. It's a cat, he/she won't care if the name is gender specific.

  10. So funny, same thing happened to us! We got one girl, one boy kitty from the same litter. One was named Rascal, one Sabrina. We found out when we went to get Sabrina spayed, she needed to be neutered instead. We chose to leave her name as Sabrina, since she wouldn't know the difference and develop gender identity crisis. However, when my sister and her family decided they needed our cats for their farm and hence began as foster pet parents, their kids could hardly stand calling Sabrina "Sabrina". Eventually they renamed "her" Rosco! Our kids still call her "Sabrina" whenever we go there. "She" hasn't ever developed any insecurities or other mental crises as a result!!! :)


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