Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mea Culpa


Upon further examination...

Thanks to Seeker Man...

It seems that the video that I linked yesterday:

was a joke.

It has NOT been replicated
by "normal" people...

I guess you could still try...

It may have been done using a heated table.


it is good to know that those of you

using cell phones on a daily basis,

are not "Micro-popping" your Brains!
At least, we don't THINK so.

I still think the video was funny.
Photo Credit: Google Images


  1. Dang! There goes my excuse for being so addled. I guess it is just old age, after all.

  2. No need to apologize, I think that everyone has been duped by something from the internet. It was a cool effect though. :)

    We here at work got caught up in making some Mountain Dew and a few other ingredients, turn into a glowing concoction. Then we went to and...

    Our faces are still red. :)

  3. Oh good. My brain sometimes feels like mush...I don't need it to boil! :)

    Thanks for coming by!

  4. I'm sure we're bot far from reality. Some really serious studies have been done here, and cell phones are not so useful in a long terme use!

  5. Ahh, phooey! Here I thought such news would force some of the talk-while-they-drive folks to finally put the phones away.

    I do suddenly have a hankering for some popcorn, though, lol.

  6. How is Seeker Man?

    There are some great articles on about cell phone use. here is one of them.

  7. i've actually heard that there is a doc out there who is kind of convinced that cell phones are going to cause too much radiation with too much i use my bluetooth as much as possible...b/c the satilite signal still goes to the phone itself, not the ear piece. i could not imagine not having a cell're to be commended!

  8. I loved that video . . . staged or not, my boys thought it was really funny.

    How do people think of these things?

    God bless.

  9. It would have been a good homeschool science experiment, though.

  10. I'm not a big cell phone user either. Thanks for the link. That was a great video!

  11. LOL! Just goes to show that some people have WAY too much time on their hands! LOL!

  12. Here ya go!


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