Sunday, July 27, 2008

DANGER! Will Robinson!

A Funny thing happened the other day...
My Darling Husband was doing a few things before work
and the computer screen suddenly informed him:
Hard Disk Failure Iminent...
Back up all data!
So being the guy he is, he dropped any recent photos to
our external drive and turned the computer over to Scooter.
She played some games, then I did some "cruising".
Later, I sent a cute little not to DH before a thunderstorm arrived.
I closed with; "Signing off an shutting down before the lightening strikes!"
The darn computer never came back on!
It kept saying that there was no Hard disk in the machine.
Now we are using the "old grey Dell" and trying to
figure out how to get the HP up and running again.
Amazingly, a girl we know from Church, and a
three year old boythat she babysits
(who we also know from our parish),
were Actually Struck by Lightening in that storm.
She was running to the car from the swim club...
trying to time it to be running between strikes,
when a tree right next to them was struck and it
travelled into their bodies (she was carrying the boy).
She was knocked out, and they were both burned where they
came into contact with her silver necklace,
but both are fine and home.
The doctor's said that the necklace may have save them,
because the lightening had an "escape route".
Praise God!
One of the Blessings of a comuterless home...
has been an excess of time for other endeavors...
I finished reading Oliver Twist and started
David Copperfield.
The kids and I cleaned and reorganized
the play space in the basement,
we dusted and vacuumed the entire house
and cleaned the bathrooms...
Oh, and I attacked an ironing pile so large that the girls
have grown out of things that were on the bottom!
I also had time to crochet hats for Scooter and Tilly
like the one worn by "Kit Kitteridge"...Snorkie wants one too,
but I insist it not be pink.
I promise that I have about five posts
travelling around my head...
with accompanying Photographs...
NOW, I just have to take the time to commit them to the Blog!
It is going to take me some time to check in with everyone.
Hope to hear from you all soon!


  1. Dang, been BUSY! Good job, sounds like you've gotten a ton of stuff accomplished in a very short time!

    We've been packing little by little in anticipation of an upcoming move, hoping that when the time does come, we'll be ready, with just a need for the actual moving of the boxes and a thorough cleaning.

    Praise God, indeed! What a miracle that your friend and her son survived!

  2. Bummer about the computer. It does sometimes seem to be a blessing in disguise though.
    I'm going to have to seriously limit my computer time for a while now. We just accepted an offer on our house. We've got some major sorting and packing to do.

    And WOW, thank goodness for the necklace. That is amazing! The poor boy will probably be very fearful of all storms now.

    Good luck getting the posts done that are travelling around your head. I also want to get more posting done. Time is just whizzing by so fast. Hard to get anything done.

  3. Well, what excitement!

    Somethimes a break like that is good for taking stock though. See you soon.

  4. I thought this was a clean, fmaily friendly blog and suddenly you go around using 4 letter words, like ir*n!?!?! I'm shocked! Next thing you'll start saying things like, "what the d!et?"

    To answer your question on my blog, I lived in Cherry hill NJ for 2 years (bought my first house there), Voorhees NJ for another year and then in Rutherford NJ for 5 years. My grandmother lived in Whiting and my other grandmother lived in Manahawkin. My mother grew up in Wayne and my father grew up in Jersey City. But I grew up mostly in West Chester PA, not far from you. Small world, isn't it?!

  5. I hate computer problems! It was nice of it to at least warn you about it's evil plan, though! LOL!

    What a blessing that those kids weren't killed or hurt worse by the lightening. WOW!

    I'd say something about your needing to get those five posts down but that would require me trying to then figure out whether I was the kettle or the pot... ;o)

  6. So sorry about your computer - bummer! And, so glad your friend and her son were okay - that is so scary. I always run really fast when there is lightening - so scared of it!

    Have a good day - Kellan

  7. Lightning freaks me out. What a story!

  8. Wow, so much to talk about here. First of all, that story about the girl and little boy is crazy. Thank GOD for the necklace.

    And YOU and all that you've accomplished in your household. Yikes, lady! Amazing.

    I hope you get your computer fixed. That is really scary.

    And..most of all, wish you could join Kalynne and I in Anaheim on the 9th.

  9. Amazing the things you get done without a screen in your face! We had a big storm a few years ago that knocked out the electricity for close to a week and it was amazing the way people came out of the woodwork without a TV! I was so glad our TV was the last thing to come back on. Glad the lightning victims are alright!

  10. Wow! Reading about all you accomplished makes me want to at least shut if off for a few days...and the t.v., and the telephone, and the computer games...really, like would be so much simpler!

  11. Wow! Reading about all you accomplished makes me want to at least shut if off for a few days...and the t.v., and the telephone, and the computer games...really, like would be so much simpler!

  12. Oh, I always think of all the stuff I'd get done if I weren't a-bloggin;... then again, who would do all the blogging for me? Hahaha!


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