Monday, May 19, 2008

Snorkie the Teacher

Snorkie McTavish is a very smart boy.

He walked at 9 months.

Climbed stairs by 11 months (yes it was scary).

He is ALL BOY!

At 18 months, he could follow three step directions.

Loves to dust, sweep, dry dishes, sort sliverware, load the dishwasher...

He just didn't like to talk very much.

At one year, he could open his father's tool box and would stand there and

just like Tim Allen (wish we had that on video).

No Words.

As time went on, he learned a few words and a few "signs".

With two big sisters to translate, (and wait on him hand and foot),

he made himself understood.

Then he turned three.

I can't get him to shut his mouth!

He chatters ALL THE TIME!

(I believe God gave me that silent second year
so that I could get school work done with the girls...
He would have driven me crazy last year.)

His vocabulary is growing exponentially.

He repeats everything he hears from me, daddy, sisters, movies....

He tended to drop his initial consonants...still does sometimes...

so juice is 'uice, hood becomes 'ood.

Just a little Cockney English coming out...

Last week, at out last Homeschool Co-op meeting for the year,

Snorkie approached a two year old "friend".

He said, "Hi!"

Friend replied, "I!"

Snorkie gets all instructive and corrects his friend,

"Not 'I', it's Hi!"

What a smartie-pants...

"Friends" Mom & I chuckled all afternoon.

(Snorkie in an 'ood with an 'amera on a nature 'ike with Daddy)


  1. My younger daughter was like this. Once she learned to talk she never shut up! Great picture!

  2. Don't forget these little unique expression, and "home made words", cause, in a couple of years, Snorkie will improve his language, I will correct his "own" words, then he will speak as every body. And, suddenly, Snorkie will become a big boy!
    Keep your cute little face of little boy, your laughing eyes, for ages, Snorkie! Love the picture,the viewing angle.

  3. I just LOVE how little kids talk, and pick up on things like that. Too cute!

  4. I meant HE will correct his "own words". Sorry.

  5. My seven year old was the same way. At 18 months old, he only had about 5 words he would use. The rest of the time, he did the "grunt and point" method.
    One day he wanted ice cream. I told him he couldn't have the ice cream unless he said "Ice cream."

    He hasn't stopped talking since.

  6. Enjoy the cuteness while it lasts. When he enters puberty you may have to change his name from Snorkie to SNARKIE! Thankfully, the memory of these days will keep you from throttling him! LOL!


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