Monday, May 19, 2008

Good vs. Bad

Scooter and Tilly were thrilled a couple of weeks ago when they found
a Badminton Birdie in the Summer Toy Mess on our back porch.
They love playing with their Dad when he gets home from work.
He loves it too.
We were at a friend's house for dinner,
when they excitedly informed Daddy of the wonderful news:
"We can play Badminton again!"
Snorkie thought for a few seconds and said...
Gotta love a three year old with a well developed moral code!


  1. "Train them up in the way that they should go..."

  2. Snorkie, you make me discover the new word for today, that is "Badminton Birdie". I knew each of them separately, but I ignored what both meant together.
    The good -minton was excellent!
    Thanks Elizabeth "to make the trip all the way to France. Does the Franglais is supportable?

  3. That is adorable!

    I loved playing badminton as a kid. I really should consider getting a set for my boys. ;)

  4. Love it. That little one will go far! :)

  5. *giggle* - that is too cute!!!

    Nice to see you Elizabeth - see you soon - Kellan

  6. Elizabeth - good to have you over again!

    This was so funny seeing 'Badminton'....because to us Badminton is a village up the road where they hold some very well known annual horse trials!!!!


  7. Bad, no, Good-minton is the most fun to play!

  8. Love badminton!! Or goodminton! Never knew how to spell it until now...

  9. How cute & funny! I love the way a 3 yr old's mind works!


    ps Thanks for coming by and leaving comments. I love meeting new blogging friends, esp. when we have something in common.

  10. Hello Elizabeth, thanks for your visit to mine. Snorkie is clearly one to watch!

  11. That's fabulous. And I so hear you on the part where they don't talk AT ALL, and then their little computer brain boots up, and it's off to the races....never to return.
    I'm so loving the new 4.


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