Monday, April 9, 2012

Latest Cakes...Catching Up

Somewhat out of focus "Princess Cake"
The cake is 4 yellow cake layers with chocolate fudge filling...
Covered with almond flavored fondant...yum.

Candy melt covered ice cream cones for the towers
green icing vines and grass...

The princesses were reverse "painted" in colored candy melts.
I did the "outlining" and my girls did the painting in : )

This was a cake for a friend and her sister who share a birthday : )

Johnnie's Lego cake for a party with his friends...
1.5" x 3" brownies with mini marshmallows coated with candy...
Joanne "built" the display tray out of duplo blocks : )

love those mini marshmallows : )
The figures were built from brownies coated with fondant
and melted candy...

Catherine made her own cake this year...
Bag End
I helped with the chocolate work...she did the rest : )
The kids have such great ideas!

Catherine and John with their cakes : )

Aunt Karen's Surprise Birtday Party!

This was just the cake topper...
It went on top of a very rich 10" diameter x 4" high Cheese Cake...

The camera is rice crispie treats...
cut, molded and covered with black colored fondant!

The silver details were painted with silver dust mixed with
lemon extract on white smelled so good...yum.

Aunt Karen taking a "picture" of her cheese cake...
with her rice crispie camera : )

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