Wednesday, March 24, 2010



I am tired today...

and yesterday...

and last week....

Baby Boy is sleeping pretty well,

He still nurses in the night but we snuggle together well

and usually sleep 'till 7 am or so.

I should really be getting to bed by 9:30 and up by 6...
But then I would never have any time with my
darling longsuffering Husband...

AND I need to get back to exercising...

I feel yucky...10# heavier than I was

when I came home from the hospital. BLECH

I keep thinking I will be able to get back
to more frequent blog posts...

maybe even have something good to say,

instead of just posting photos...


Lumpy just does NOT LIKE to be separated from me

for more than 15 minutes : (

I wear him in the sling a lot...

He is pushing towards 15 #, though...

OH, my aching back!

I am behind on so many things and

want to do so many others that are just

out of the question...

Snorkie is playing T-Ball this year and

Scooter has started Softball

(an amazing slugger, she is)...

We are trying to schedule the Summer and

Fall vacation plans are being made...

(Gotta love Homeschooling for allowing September trips!)

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching

& PA is a pain for documentation : (

I am looking forward to Holy Week & Easter.

My parents will be visiting and then soon moving...

to Nebraska.

I will miss having them closer by,
but they are very excited.

I am praying that all goes well with their move.

Blessedly, I have THREE wonderful spiritual

"retreat" days planned...All in April...

One is a LONG day WITH my

Darling Husband

(and baby, of course) to make lunch, check on a semi-sick 5 year old,

change over the laundry, get baby back from big sister,

though he is happy enough right now : )

and figure out the rest of my afternoon...

Hmmm, Maybe a Nap.....



  1. Oh, I hear ya! I so remember those days with Judah...but this, too, shall pass! It's a brief season of life.

    Don't feel the least bit guilty for taking naps now if you need to, because before long you'll need the energy to keep up after a toddler on the move. If you scheduled in even a half hour 'power nap' (feet propped higher than your head helps it feel like much longer) at the times when you feel most drug out, it does wonders. You could perhaps schedule in some quiet time activities for the rest of the kiddos which would confine them to a table or their bedrooms during that time,

    Are you getting plenty of B-Vitamins? They're good for energy. Sometimes just adding a teaspoon of Brewer's Yeast to a breakfast smoothie helps a lot. Nursing mama's have a lot of nutrients drained out of them, after all.

  2. I had the hardest time losing weight after my last baby. All the others it dropped right off - the last one I think I even gained weight! I ended up having to go to Weight Watchers. Since I was nursing, I got extra points; so it was fairly easy.

  3. I struggled with my weight after my 4th baby too. I assumed that I would lose the weight from nursing like I did with the others, but I didn't and then when I stopped nursing, I gained :P
    I think that a nap sounds like a good idea :0)
    That picture of your baby is adorable!


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