Friday, December 18, 2009

Pajama Party with Santa

My husband's company holds a Christmas Party for
the children every year...
This year it started at 6PM...
all of the children were asked to come in their "jammies".
First they had their chance to tell Santa what they wanted...

Scooter is "old friends" with Santa

Tilly is pretty fond of the "Big Guy" too!
We have known him personally for seven years...

Last year Snorkie wouldn't even

be in the same ROOM with Santa!

This year...He RAN up to him when we arrived
to introduce his little brother!
He Really wants that motorcycle video game system...
um, I don't think it is coming...

Lumpy was fussing like crazy with me...

He calmed right down and enjoyed his time with Santa!

After pictures the kids went to another room for Milk & Cookies...

Then off to the last room for a story read by Santa...

in HIS pajamas!

(Bright red Union suit with "Santa"

embroidered in silver, on the shoulder...)

Snorkie scratching Santa's itchy beard...
He had a BLAST!
They even got presents...and it was held on the
Feast of Saint Nicholas!

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