Monday, December 14, 2009

I Love Being Home With My Kids!

There are so many wonderful things about being home
with my kids all of the time.
When I had my last infant, the girls were only in
First grade and Pre-school...
Now they are in Third and Fifth Grade...
They can also read independently (pretty well)...
and they help with a good deal of the house work...
(They get a reasonable allowance).
They are great kids
and I love being around them...
It is only hard when I want to do
something to surprise them...
THAT can be difficult!
This is with whom
I prefer to spend my time!
Snuggly little boy...
in the cutest "swaddling" blanket ever!

I even manage to regularly get a shower
and keep up with the laundry...
Thanks to big sister "Scooter"

A GREAT advertisement for homeschooling!
(Scooter is reading Anne of Green Gables...)

My very alert two week old!

Sponge Bathing can be COLD

Boppy Pillows are SO Wonderful!

One VERY Proud Big Brother...
and his Little Brother.
I have about a dozen posts to put up in the next couple
of days...Hang in there with me...
There are BOUND to be lots more PHOTOS!



  1. Super sweet! I agree. Homeschooling has such advantages (most days :))!

  2. Oh, gosh! the kids all together and helping out . .. so dern sweet!!!! I miss the days when a wee one was brought home . . . such blessings!

  3. He looks like a doll in some of those photos. So sorry my congratulations are so late! I lost track of you.


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