Thursday, October 23, 2008


My darling Snorkie is quite a chatter-box these days...
in his OWN way, of course!
Noticing a stinkie "behind",
Lovey asked him the other night when he was going
to use the potty instead of his diaper...
He turned to his dad and replied:
"Not Tonight!"...
Snorkie discovered the joy of Bingo on our vacation...
He regularly informs me in the morning:
"This is a good day for Bingo!"...
At around noon everyday he gets upset
if we haven't had "Narnsch"...
Lately, his favorite expression is "O my, gosh"...
only it comes out as "O me darsh"...
with something of the Irish about it : )
Scooter has a book that shows the insides of a
Bengal Tiger in layered pages,
and Snorkie is fascinated by it...
Asking about the "stuff" inside, daddy told him
that they were the tigers organs...
"Oh, Morgans...I see", he says...
He refuses to say it any other way...
Usually, if I look sweetly at him and say:
"I Love you so much, Snorkie",
He will look back and say:
"I wuv You too, mommy"...
One night while taking a bath, I inhaled deeply
and he said: "I wuv You too!"...
I wasn't even going to say it, but I loved it anyway!
The next morning, Snorkie heard me leave my room,
He called, "you can come in mommy"... ugh.
I went in, snuggled a little and rubbed his little back.
Looking sweetly at him, I said,
"I Love you Soooooo much, snorkie."
Looking deeply into my eyes,
with his cutest morning voice,
he replied: "I love............
Ok, I almost fell off the bed with that one...
the kid just cracks me up!
Happy day everyone & God Bless!


  1. Looove those Snorkie-isms. Too cute!

    My sister's youngest said, "Narnch" for lunch, too.

  2. OMG. So cute. I agree that everyday is a good day for Bingo!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me the good news about Midge! Who'd a thunk it!!

  4. These were also precious - I loved the Bingo one - Ha!

    Have a good week - Kellan

  5. How precious. You just never know what kids are going to say!

  6. Snorkie is too much! Loved all these little snippets.

  7. He sounds so precious! I love the way that our kids' words eventually become part of our own vocabulary. We have a ton of them left over from when the boys were little. I bet you have tones from your other kids, too. What a great post that would be!

  8. So funny! Especially the nose-picking one!

  9. Had me laughing out loud on the last one. Love it!

  10. Just like you, I'm often telling my youngest that I looove him. "Je t'aime, Maman" he answers.... Until, one day he won't because he'll be older. Let's take advantage of that love display.

    "Not tonight!" is excellent. Write it Elizabeth,not to forget. And when they'll be older, you 'll read that memories together. That's what I've done with my big son.


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