Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vintage Thingie Thursday!

Crystal Arcade
wall mounted coffee grinder

This coffee grinder may not be my
absolute favorite
vintage thingie,
but it is the most USED vintage item in my house!
I use this grinder nearly every day.
I keep 8 o'clock decaf coffee beans in it.
I have it mounted to my kitchen wall
and very few people can resist giving it a "spin"...
especially small children!
It has "Crystal" on the pressed glass bean canister
and "Arcade" on the cast iron grinder section.
If you adjust the tightness of the wingnut
on the grinder handle, you can
control the size of the ground coffee.
There was no container for catching the
ground coffee when I got it,
so I bought this cute little jar at a
local craft store and it fits perfectly!
I know nothing about this wonderful item,
except that it belonged to a friend's Grandfather.
She passed it on to me
when she downsized several years ago.
Her children weren't interested.

This is my first Vintage Thingie post...

I hope you enjoyed the visit!


  1. This is great! Can you imagine someone not wanting that?? I have never seen one of these before, it sure beats my electric grinder. I love it. Great Post.

  2. Welcome to VTT! How great to have this coffee grinder and actually use it! I have 2, but both are missing different parts, making them unusable. I am always on the lookout for others to steal parts from!

  3. I love this coffee grinder, very neat! Thanks for sharing and welcome to VTT.

  4. Glad to see you joining in the vintage fun! It is cool to have your coffee grinder on the wall! I can imagine children taking turns! I love it when you are given something cool like that, even when you don't know the history ...

  5. That vintage thingie is so cool! They just don't make things like they used to.

  6. That is so cool! (Sorry for sounding a bit like my 6 year old.) I love it!
    where did you get it?


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