Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Scooter showing her Patriotic Pride
July 4, 2001 !
She actually made the local paper...
Attending a John Phillip Sousa concert with her dad.

Hope everyone has a lovely Holiday.

God Bless America!


  1. What a lovely picture and well-deserving of a place in the paper.

    Have a great day!!

  2. Such a cutie! I absolutly love red, white, and blue clothes. I can't hardly walk pastthem at the store.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always love to meet new people. How did you find me?
    Have a great 4th!

  3. When I first saw the photo I thought, "You should send this to the newspaper."

    But then I read that she was already featured . . . as well she should. What a lovely photo!

  4. Adorable picture! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Take care - Kellan

  5. What a sweet picture! I love seeing pictures when they seem to catch children off-guard and not necessarily smiling.

  6. Love your blog. Great to hear of someone else that homeschools. I did, but my Teen-Angel (my youngest)has been going to a Public Alternative school, started by a guy that homeschooled his kids. She loves it and will graduate in May of next year.She'll be 16. And she'll be taking a horsemanship class. She gave up on ballet, but still dances.
    Kudos to you! It's not an easy task, but it is soooo rewarding!

  7. So cute!
    I love the candidness (is that really a word?) of that shot.

  8. great photo! i love how the flag looks just slightly blurred to show movement...priceless!

  9. Love this little scooter in her patriotic clothes. We got the same colors! We wear blue-white-red on Monday, it will be our National Day. But I must admit, I don't know if it's our revolution, or something else, but we're by far less patriot than you are! I'm ashame to admit! They don't teach in France the love of our country to young people, since a long time.
    Sarkozy is trying to change that fact, it's a good thing.
    I'm very pleased to read that you're interested by Napoléon's career. I know he's often judged as a tyran. But we must note that his creations for the French state were great things, and are already used today. For instance, the civil code is the reference for all our laws since 2OO years. But if we begin to write posts and comments about him, we'll never finish! This little man was very cleverand was a great leader.
    Have a great weekend Elizabeth.

  10. What a cutie! Great pic! I hope you saved that newspaper too!

  11. That shot is just beautiful, no wonder she made the papers!


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