Monday, June 9, 2008


Okay, I ADMIT IT...I'm LAZY...
at least when it comes to being a "Pool Club Member".
I HATE packing up
all the STUFF that you need-
especially when you have one still in diapers...
lugging it to the pool
sitting in the sweltering heat
paying for over-priced snacks...
even when we already have snacks with us...
Not to mention that my girls didn't like getting their faces wet...
and not all the other "pool patrons" are considerate enough
to watch out for extremely sensitive little girls
So in 2006, we bought THIS:
It is one of those "Simple Set" pools...
Not as simple as they make it seem, but it did a good job
of allowing us to get wet- almost every day of the summer
...and never had to leave home!
(Snorkie loves the ladder...but not so much the water)
We liked the pool and it wasn't too annoying when it came
time to put it away for the winter...
So last summer, we brought it up out of the basement...
Set it back up and started learning a little more about

Here are Scooter, Tilly and their cousin...

last year's family picnic at our house was great fun...

they only got out of the pool for the time it took them to

eat and go on the swings for a little while!

Well, as they started swimming better, we realized that the

way those pools are made cuts down on the "useable space".

We considered going right to a permanent above ground pool,

but they are much deeper and Tilly's not ready...

So THIS YEAR we got...


Snorkie LOVES his squirter...

He keeps hollering:FIREWORKS!!!

as he shoots water across the pool!

This pool is 15 feet wide with straight sides

It allows for a whole lot more swimming space,

but it is still only 42 inches deep-

so Tilly's head is out of the water

Snorkie still thinks it is too deep...he likes to stand

on the outside of the ladder and squirt water


We also decide to purchase the

Salt Water Chlorinator System, so all we add is salt

and occasionally Baking Soda if the Ph is off...

It is SO comfortable to swim in...

Oh, and the price of the new pool AND the Salt Water System

is still LESS than the price of a

Family Membership to the local pool club!



  1. Looks like fun. I'll the chips and pop, you get the burgers and buns.

  2. Love the pool, just don't want the hassle - sorry, I'm lazy. Plus, with my family things don't seem to last that long, although we've had the trampoline for five or six years (it's in desperate need of being replaced).

    Maybe I'm just lazy then. :)

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I would love the convenience of a pool in the backyard. My husband, however, has extreme pool paranoia. Pool in the backyard is just asking for it in his opinion. So we haul everything to the city pool- where my kids aren't allowed to use ANY flotation devices. None. 6 of one, half dozen of the other, in my opinion.

  4. Way cool. It looks like so much fun. My kids love those squirters easy for them to do.

  5. Oh, you are brilliant! This looks so fun and festive! are making environmentally sound choices by using the salt water cleaning system. Better for the kids' hair and skin, too! :)

  6. Oh they do look happy! Swimming pools can be fairly hellish places can't they? I go to the adults' evening session, which is usually OK, but even then you get big (grown-up) boys who splash and amke too much noise!

  7. That looks like so much fun!

    Thanks for your comments today. They made me smile. And, I'm truly flattered to be on your blogroll. Thanks!

    Oh, and I'm so with you on the packing up for the pool thing. Yuck!

  8. We almost bought one this year, and then I remembered that none of my children know how to swim. And I just decided to think about next year.....

  9. THat pool looks like a lot of fun! So I've packed my beach bag and got the kids in the swimming suits. We'll be waiting outside for you to come and pick us up, OK? Just get here soon! Or better yet, I'll take fantasy airlines. They have the best rates, ya know ;)

    Thanks for all of your comments on my blog. you made my day! :)

    Oh, BTW, I went to catholic school in Exton PA when I was little :)

  10. The most amazing part of this post is the last line....the cost of the pool is less than a family membership at the local pool? How smart are you! The convenience of a pool in your backyard and savings to boot. And you've probably scored 'best parents' in the neighborhood with your kids!

  11. That looks sooo fun!

    Those are a worthy investment. As far as kids are concerned, if they can play around in a pool all summer long, who needs vacations?

    Have the kids stand around the edges of the pool, and walk in the same direction faster and faster in a circle until a whirlpool forms. It's such fun, becasue when you get to let go, and the 'current' carries you along. One of the kids that used to come over to swim with my son and nephews and niece used to call that "The Giant Flush", lol.

  12. JUst found your lively blog!

  13. My kids all love playing in the water. Maybe, just maybe there will be a day when we don't have a little baby in the house and we'll be able to get our own pool. Our youngest it's quite the adventurer, probably wouldn't be such a good idea to get one just yet.

  14. Just passing through to say hi!

  15. We have a quick set pool too but this year we haven't even got it up yet, it's been too cold till just recently. Hope to get it up this weekend. I love summer!


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