Thursday, May 29, 2008

Madness and Ennui

OK, I haven't been around much lately
and the earlier post today was just a way of "staying in touch"...
Plus, I thought it was pretty funny.
The "end of the school year" crunch is on...
Too many Doctor/Dentist check-ups...
WAY too much to do, and NO desire to do any of it.
The kids have been operating on High Energy...
I have not.
I'm tired.
I want a nap.
oh well.
I have also rediscovered an Old Flame...
A former love that I spent much time with...
One that I knew well Before I met my Darling Husband...
The Crossword Puzzle
Actually, Scooter got me going on one,
and then I just Couldn't stop...
Don't you just love the clues they give in crosswords?
It's fun to get back to "thinking" in crossword-ese.
It has taken up some of my Blog-hopping time...
I Am Sorry.
I just don't seem to have the energy to organize my thoughts.
And, I volunteered to be Membership Chairperson
of our Homeschool Co-op......
Can you say "open mouth, insert foot"?
Silly me.


  1. I *love* crossword puzzles. I used to do all 3 in the Sunday paper.

    Then I had kids.

  2. Now I feel so much more normal, I could have pretty much written that all myself, except I'm doing sudoku and volunteer work for the Charter school.

  3. We did the dentist today...then spent a lazy evening at the village pub with our neighbours, the children playing with each other, food and wine, laughter and feeling relaxed - lovely!

  4. I know about volunteerism and its nasty hold on us good egg types. I think I have "sucker" on my forehead or something. Presently I am the Pres. of the Save the Playground Committee and it's more work than I'd thought it would be.

  5. My oldest and I are experiencing school burn-out right now. He just doesn't get that the sooner he finishes up his work the sooner vacation starts.

    My time waster is pogo. :(

  6. Oh, my you will have your hands full, Madame Membership Chairperson!

    Crosswords, now they are supposed to ward off Alzheimer's...

    I relate to kids operating on high energy and needing a nap.

  7. I'm with you, Elisabeth, I have not enough free time to do all I want. I have to choose in the evening : reading? or blogging?
    So, I sleep less, and I would need napping, that makes less time to blog, and.. again . . and again. . . .That's the Dilemma!

  8. I love crossword puzzles too! They are so much more enjoyable than word searches.
    I loathe word searches.

    As chairperson, do you get much help, or do you get to do everything yourself?
    Delegation is a beautiful thing.

  9. I love this! I've never gotten into crosswords, but I understand getting so busy that blogging gets put on the back burner.

    Have a great night.

  10. Naps = good mommy in my house. I love naps so much that my alarm clock has a "nap feature." LOL I prefer word finds to crosswords because the latter can get a bit frustrating and then I feel like an idiot. I hope you get some rest.

  11. I am with you where the crossword is concerned: it's a wonderful waste of time, but not always a waste fro every so often the words willspark and set off a train of thought I find. I'm with you with the high energy kids, too - but don't some wunnerful things come from them an'all?

  12. Oh I know the addiction of crosswords, but they are a really terrific travel companion, especially when you get stuck waiting somewhere and need something that will just transport you! Of course, I haven't advanced beyond the EZ brand they sell at the grocery store....

  13. I do the NYTimes puzzles online. I love it. I also like the acrostic and cryptograms.

    This weekend? Any plans?


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